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USB Cables 2.0

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Gaming Mouse Bungee & Active 2.0 USB Hub for Cord Management with Flexible Arm & Data Transfer. A Real Game Changer Enjoy a new way of playing video games by preventing annoying cord interference by using the B1 Mouse Bungee! Using a cord management system allows you to aggressively flick , swipe and fling your mouse without getting caught up...

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Equipped with 4 Port Desktop USB Hub, 7 LED Modes, and increased Wire Management Support. ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee (Model ENPCGHB100BKEW) The ENHANCE Pro Mouse Bungee delivers fluid and accurate mouse movements, a built in USB Hub, and LED Customization. Line up your shots with precision, light up your desktop with matching ambient lighting, hot-swap keyboards, mice, headsets, and more...