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Yoho Transmitter Receiver Audio Adapter Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Toslink 3.5mm and RCA Up to 2 Devices

Item: 40-JRBC03


2 in 1 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, a transmitter, it can transmit high quality stereo sound from smart TV, Game Console, TV Box, DVD, etc. to Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth speaker, headset, etc. ;

As a Bluetooth audio receiver, it is specially designed for car stereo systems and for the home audio system. It is easy to pair this transceiver with Bluetooth, laptop, tablet, and other smart phones. With this product you can greatly enjoy music from your phone, laptop, tablet PC without the hassle of cables. There are 3 ways to transmit or receive high definition audio signals, optical digital (TosLink), auxiliary , 3.5 mm or RCA.

. Want to watch night shows or play live video games on your TV? You can use the wireless transmitter to send audio to your Bluetooth headset. Or you can pair with your Bluetooth enabled device and connect it to your headset or speaker via the 3.5mm audio cable, then you are free to listen to music through the Bluetooth receiver. TX Mode - Connect with devices without Bluetooth to enjoy wireless headphones with Bluetooth; RX HiFi mode - allowing you to enjoy music from your phone or your iPad on your car / home stereo system.

. Multiple connection options (Optical + to 3.5mm + RCA), The Bluetooth Audio Optical Adapter also supports an input and output cable. With the included optical cable, you can enjoy a dedicated audio channel and high quality digital sound in both transmitter and receiver modes.

. Share your fun with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology: up to 10.1 m (10 m) Range of connection and stability of pairing, This Bluetooth adapter also supports the connection of two devices simultaneously. Enjoy late TV with your beloved while not disturbing the baby in his sleep.

. Best aptX wireless Bluetooth audio, low latency that significantly reduces delay and allows audio and video sync for gaming and television by providing an immersive and rich audio experience.Note: aptX use of two connected devices are supported.

. Dual mode transmitter adapter: wireless audio stream from your TV, stereo, CD player or non-Bluetooth to your headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Receiver mode: audio stream from your phone, tablet or computer, game console, wireless Bluetooth to your wired headset, stereo speakers, etc.

Included in the box:

1 × 2 in 1 Bluetooth transmitter and receiver
1 × optical cable
1 × 3.5 mm audio cable
1 × micro-USB cable
1 × RCA cable
1 × user manual

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