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JVC HA-FW01 Hi-Res Audio Compatible In-Ear Headphone, Black

Item: 46-HA-FW01


High Resolution Audio Capability, Wood Cone Reproducing All Nuances of Audio Hi-Res Contents, High Energy Magnetic Circuit for Increased and Accurate Power, Copper Coated Aluminum Wire Coil for High Frequency Response.

Product Description
. The hidden strength of the tree, I mean An overwhelming reality as much as possible to attract even to the air the sense of where the delicate sound is woven
. Equipped with a new wooden dome unit to faithfully reproduce the wealth of information contained high resolution sound source
. Unique Thin Film Processing Technology, the 11mm thinner, 11mm thin wood dome diaphragm from 80?m to 50?m, allowing the representation of the delicate nuances of high resolution sound sources.
. Adopted the new development "Sound Acoustic Acoustic", realize the extent of natural sound
. Applying our own Dodd spiral earphone technology, effectively placing points to spread unwanted sound to the front of the device. To improve the resolution, get the diffusion of natural sound.
. To remove unwanted vibrations, it has adopted a new Harmonizer metal micronizer, designed for beautiful sound.
. Wood, stainless steel, brass, thanks to the combination of different materials such as aluminum, to bring out the beautiful sound and control unnecessary vibrations. "harmonium metal micronizer" adopted. Change the material combination in each model to get the sound of a different sound. The Type 3 brass inner case, in addition to the aluminum cap, has a stainless steel ring at two locations on the front and rear of the unit.
. Equipped with a recently developed "wood stabilizer" to suppress vibrations and get clear sound.
. The rear of the unit driver is equipped with a newly developed wood stabilizer. Optimally control the sound of the housing, producing no clear turbidity.
. Detachable cable adopted using a MMCX terminal

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