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Kingston USB 3.0 key MicroDUO Micro USB OTG/USB capacity64 GB

Item: 78-116954


Kingston’sDataTraveler® microDuo Flash drives provide additional storage in a small, convenientform factor for tablets and smartphones that support the USB OTG (On-The-Go)functionality. The USB OTG standard allows mobile devices to directly connectto supported USB devices.

DataTravelermicroDuo Flash drives allow microUSB ports, often used for charging devices, tobe used as expansion ports for up to 64GB of additional storage. Ideal forstoring large files while traveling, DTDUO gives plug-and-play functionality totablets and smartphones without microSD ports at a lower price per GB than theextra built-in storage on a mobile device.

Withsmartphones and tablets recording HD video and taking higher resolution photos,space on these devices gets used up faster than ever. DTDUO Flash drives letusers move files, photos, videos and more — without plugging into a PC1 — tooffload or backup content. Sharing large files between mobile devices is easierthan using online cloud services, and there’s no need for a cable to transferdata between the device and a PC.

Availablein USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, DT microDuo Flash drives are small, lightweight and easyto take anywhere, plus their sleek design complements any mobile device. Therotating cap protects the microUSB connector from damage.

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