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Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeaker Black (1 unit)

Item: 78-121041


With high-end features and unsurpassed sound reproduction, the SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeaker from Pioneer will take your audio listening experience to a whole new level. It features three 5.3" woofers and a 1" soft-dome tweeter. In addition, this speaker offers 130W, a full range of audio frequencies, and gold 5-way binding posts.

Not only is the SP-FS52 floor standing speaker aesthetically more pleasing, due in part to its curved cabinet design, so is the entire listening experience. This is due to a stiffer design, which reduces standing sound waves inside the cabinet.

Product Highlights

. 130W Power Input
. RF Molded Curved Cabinet
. 3 x 5.3" Structured Surface Woofers
. 1" Soft-Dome Tweeter
. 8-Element Sophisticated Crossover
. Oversized Magnets with Vented Pole Piece
. Improved Sensitivity
. Gold 5-Way Binding Posts

Using three 5.3" woofers with oversized magnets for powerful bass, this speaker delivers the kind of performance that makes for the music and/or home theater experience you might be looking for

In the SP-FS52, Pioneer added a structured surface to the three 5.3" woofers. By doing so, not only is rigidity improved, so is bass accuracy. Engineers have also vented the pole piece, again improving bass response from the same size woofers in previous models

To widen the sweet spot of the 1" soft-dome tweeter, Pioneer has engineered a custom wave guide. Increasing tweeter efficiency, together with newly designed crossovers, allow the SP-FS52 to play louder using less power

The Pioneer SP-FS52 utilizes a sophisticated eight component high-quality crossover

This speaker will work well in home theater systems, offering strong audio quality from CDs, videos, gaming, or any other audio source

Sold as 1 Unit

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