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USA GEAR GRCMSS0100BKUS Shoulder Strap for DSLR Camera with Padded Riser and Neoprene Black

Item: 78-122546


DSLR Camera Shoulder Strap Sling with Padded Neoprene , Underarm Support & Accessory Pockets - Works With Sony Alpha a7II , a6000 , a7 & Many Other DSLR , Mirrorless or Instant Cameras

. Made with non-skid durable neoprene material to make sure your Canon , Nikon , Sony , Fujifilm , Pentax , Samsung , Olympus cameras are secure
. Includes a support buckle and optional safety strap for extra security
. Adjustable buckle to allow the camera to glide up and down the strap without adjusting or shifting the strap
. 2 Accessory Strorage Pockets
. Attach to camera via metal mounting plate
. Includes a 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty by Accessory Power

USA GEAR Neoprene Camera Shoulder Sling Strap

Safety and Security

This USA Gear shoulder sling is the perfect accessory for the on the go photographer. Using the support buckle, safety strap and sliding locks , hang your camera across your body or on your shoulder without fear of dropping. Either way, you'll feel safe knowing that your camera is secure.

Quick, Easy Access

The sling allows for quick access to your camera so you never miss that important shot. Built specifically with a buckle made for gliding you are able to move your cameras up and down the strap without adjusting or shifting the strap itself. Connect the strap to your camera using the sturdy moutning plate that connects directly into the cameras tripd screw attachment.

High Level of Comfort

The shoulder sling is made with a curved, neoprene pad that evenly displaces your camera's weight, allowing you to move around freely without putting any strain on your body. The strap's non-skid surface ensures that you won't be fumbling to keep the strap on your shoulder. Even store your memory card in the built-in pocket or other small accessories in the elastic storage pocket.

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