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Gogroove Sonaverse UBR Computer Sound Bar Speakers Systeme White GGSVUBR100WTEW

Item: 78-131387


Experience your multimedia content in a whole new way with the SonaVERSE UBR USB Powered Multimedia Speaker from Accessory Power. With a soundbar-style design, this speaker fits nicely onto your desktop, and with its minimalist design it doesn't get in the way.

Installation is simple, plug in the included USB cord into your computer's USB port to power the speaker and then plug the included 3.5mm cable into the computer's (or other audio source's) AUX output jack to begin hearing your music, games, and other multimedia content like never before. A second 3.5mm jack allows you to plug in an optional external microphone or connect a pair of headphones. Once installed, the speaker can be turned on or off and the volume raised and lowered using the single control dial.

Product Highlights
. Low-Profile Design & Angled Drivers
. Bus Powered
. 1 x 3.5mm Audio-In Port
. 1 x 3.5mm Headphone/Mic-In Port
. 2 x 3W Drivers
. Dedicated Control Dial
. LED Power Indicator

High-Quality Sound

The UBR boasts classic soundbar styling and dual 3W drivers designed to give audio playback a big boost. It also features an innovative, angled shape that directs sound up and towards your ears instead of directly at your chest. The slight tilt allows for louder, clearer stereo sound and a full-range audio experience every time.

Space-Saving Design

The UBR is designed to complement your LCD or LED monitor. Thanks to its low-profile design, the UBR can tuck directly under your monitor screen, conveniently utilizing that wasted space and freeing up room on your desk. This ultra-compact stereo soundbar is the perfect alternative to the clutter and cables of desktop speakers.

USB-Powered - Audio Port & Mic/Headphone Port

Turn the speaker on, off, and adjust volume with a single control dial, which (when on) is illuminated by a blue LED indicator. To set up the speaker, just plug in the USB power cable and an audio source into one of the 3.5mm inputs located on the fron

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