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Pioneer SEE8TWP E8 Ironman Sprot True Wireless with IPX5 Earphones Pink and Black

Item: 78-131551


Ideal for work and play, the E8 Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphones from Pioneer features 6mm drivers and support for the AAC codec, helping to deliver high-quality audio with deep bass. To help keep audio dynamic and clear, Pioneer utilizes an Ear Direct Mount, which positions the driver so that sound can enter straight into the inner ear without being dampened.

Whether you're jogging or walking to work, you may enjoy the fact that the E8 in-ear headphones are IPX5 rated for resistance to both sweat and rain. They also feature ambient awareness eartips, which are made to help keep you safe when outdoors. The E8 earbuds run for up to 3 hours per charge and include their own charging case for additional power on the go. The case stores, protects, and recharges the headphones when inserted, providing two full recharges, for 6 hours of extra use.

Product Highlights

. 6mm Drivers
. Up to 3 Hours of Playback
. Ambient Awareness Eartips
. Built-In Mic for Hands-Free Calls
. IPX5 Rated Sweat and Rain Resistance
. 6 Hours More Playback with Charging Case
. Ear Direct Mount Optimizes Sound
. 9 AAC Codec Support
. 3 Pairs of Ear Fins for a Better Fit
. Pioneer Text-to-Speech Notification App

Ambient Awareness Technology

The E8 earbuds take a passive approach to keeping you connected with the outside world, while still immersing you in your favorite music. They do this via three narrow slits in the eartips, which allow low-level ambient sound to enter your ear. You get three pairs of different sized eartips to help ensure a proper fit.

Hands-Free Calls & Digital Assistants

The E8 earbuds feature a built-in microphone and a multi-function button to let you accept/end phone calls, manage music playback, and give voice commands to your mobile device's digital assistant.

Pioneer Notification App for Android

For those with Android phones, you can utilize the E8 earbuds to listen to your mobile device's notifications. The Pioneer Notification App can

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