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Gogroove Sonaverse GS3 USB Stereo Speakers Black GGSVGS3100BKEW

Item: 78-131807


GOgroove SonaVERSE GS3
Powerful & Clear Computer Speakers
With 20W of peak audio power, the SonaVERSE GS3 computer speakers are engineered to pack a punch during your favorite PC games, video streaming marathons, and in-bedroom music concerts. Each of the compact speaker satellites is packed with 5W drivers and 60mm bass radiators to generate booming sound and blow your built-in speakers out of the picture.

. Speaker Output Power: 10W RMS; 20W Peak
. Driver: 60mm Driver; 60mm Bass Radiator
. Input Power: USB DC 5V
. Input Audio: 3.5mm audio plug
. USB / Audio cable length: 2 feet
. Speaker Separation: up to 4 feet apart

Choose Your Color
Designing a computer setup with matching colors can add style and help set the mood. To help achieve that, the GS3 speakers come with three interchangeable grills that let you choose and match your personal color scheme. The detachable acrylic grills come in blue, green, and red; they can be easily popped off to make room for a different color.
Note: The grills do not light up nor glow. 3 pairs includes (6 pcs total).

Plug and Play Cable Connections
Easy setup with just with two cables: USB for power and 3.5mm headphone jack for audio input.

Simply connect the built-in USB power cable and 3.5mm headphone jack to your computer without the need to install drivers
By using the built-in USB cable to run power from your computer, you avoid dealing with an AC wall adapter
Compact and Customizable
Ideal for mobile PC gamers or laptop workstations with limited desktop space.

The in-line volume controller lets you adjust how loud you want to enjoy your media and is always at hand's reach for ultimate convenience
?Comes with snap-on speaker grills in 3 colors to customize your setup. Includes: 1 x red pair, 1 x green pair, 1 x blue pair
Wide Compatibility
Compatible with most desktops and laptops.

Required: (1) x USB port and (1) x 3.5mm headphone audio out port
The universal 3.5mm AUX headphone jack can be

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