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iHome IZ2WS Zenergy Portable Therapeutic Noise Sleep Machine, White

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Fall asleep peacefully or mask unwanted noise with the Zenergy therapeutic white noise machine from iHome. It offers several white noises and therapeutic tracks to help you relax your body and calm your mind. Use it to meditate, to connect with your inner self, or to fall asleep peacefully at the end of a long hectic day.

12 modes of sound therapy
The iHome Zenergy Portable White Noise Sleep Therapy Machine lets you customize audio settings with one of twelve programmable sound options. Eight are white noise and sound therapy tracks designed to soothe your mind.

. Air: A low-tone noise frequency designed to sound the same as the air circulating in a fan, which helps to cut out background noise and promote relaxation or sleep.
4-7-8 Breathing Guide: With a design inspired by yoga breathing techniques, this mode includes an integrated voice guide that indicates when to breathe in and out.
. Soothing meditation: this mode is designed to deliver deep, resonant sounds and continuous waves that mimic breathing patterns for meditation.
. Calming Ocean: With this setting, users can play digitally recorded sounds from an ocean.
Dream: a tonal frequency melody designed to imitate Theta brain waves for improved REM sleep.
Focus: This mode is designed to promote concentration with a frequency of pink noise in medium tones that looks like a waterfall.
. Heart rate: Listen to the sounds of a relaxed heart rate in this function, designed to encourage your own heart rate to slow down.
. Nature: With this setting, users can hear digitally recorded wood sounds reminiscent of spring.
. Peace: the white noise and Delta tone melodies are superimposed to help calm a noisy environment, designed to calm an overly active mind.
. Thunder Storm: In this mode, users can play digitally recorded audio from a thunderstorm, as well as rain sounds.
. Silent: a high-tone white noise frequency that resembles radio static, which aims to eliminate environmental background noise.
. Zen: A tonal melody designed to deliver frequencies imitating the Delta brain waves for meditation.
Integrated breathing coach

The Zenergy Portable White Noise Sleep Therapy Machine has a built-in voice or light activated respiratory coach that provides users with two different breathing exercises, including the 4-7-8 breathing guide and the calming breath .
LED Bass Boost Indicators

Manage your listening experience with the Zenergy bass boost button, which creates an improved acoustic shield against unwanted noise.

Auxiliary line input jack
This noise machine has an Aux line input jack so you can connect the mobile device of your choice with its included audio cable.

Integrated timer
The Zenergy Portable White Noise Sleep Therapy Machine has a built-in timer that allows users to program a combination of sound therapy modes for a defined duration. The sound of the noise machine gradually decreases until the timer runs out.

Power requirements
Keep the Zenergy powered with its included 100-240 V AC universal adapter or an optional set of four AA batteries.

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