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Salton TO1827 Pressure Oven

Item: 82-TO1827


Bake it! Toast it! Broil it! Roast it! The Salton Pressure Oven uses Pressure Technology to cook 35% faster than traditional ovens. This oven is multi-functional and allows you to use with pressure or as a traditional oven. The included rotisserie rack can roast a full chicken and serves a flavour-enhanced result. Pressurized cooking seals in moisture and infuses your meal with flavour. With dishwasher safe accessories and a 5 point safety system, the Salton Pressure oven makes pressure cooking easier than ever.


Pressure Technology - 35% faster than traditional ovens
Multi-Functional - Use with pressure or as a traditional oven
Rotisserie - Roast a full chicken with the included rotisserie attachment
Flavour-Enhanced - Pressurized cooking seals in moisture and infuses your meal with flavour
Capacity - Cook up to an 8 lb (3.6 kg) chicken
Adjustable Temperature - set the temperature from 60-249°C (140-480°F)
Five safety features - Pressure cook with ease of mind!

1. Outer Pressure Valve - Vents extra pressure by electro magnetic sensor
2. Inner Pressure Valve - Internal safeguard to protect from over pressure
3. Microswitch Close Detection - Oven automatically enters stand by mode when door is open
4. Heavy Duty Swivel Handle and Seal Ring - Seals and locks oven door for safe operation
5. Double glass window - Inner and outer glass for increased protection

Dishwasher safe accessories: Rotisserie Rod and Forks, Rotisserie Removal Tool, Rack and Bake Pan Removal tool, Wire Rack, Bake Pan, Crumb Tray

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