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AAXA Technologies P6 DLP Projector - 16:9 - 1280 x 800 - Front - 720p - 30000 Hour Normal ModeWXGA - 2000:1 - 600 Lumens - HDMI - USB - 1 Year Warranty

Item: 71-5639HD


Introducing the AAXA Technologies P6 Pico Projector featuring a bright 600 LED Lumen optical engine capable of delivering 140" (dark area) projection on a 30,000 hour long-life light-source.

The P6 is an all-in-one media system with onboard media player, a lithium ion battery, and a powerful 2-watt speaker. An additional array of inputs includes VGA, Digital Video (HDMI compatible), and Composite Video.

The AAXA P6 Pico Projector allows anywhere anytime projection.  Deliver media beyond!
The P6 Pico Projector's optical engine features a solid-state light-source (LED) that's superior to traditional lamp projectors with a longer life span (30,000 hours versus 4,000 hours), instand-one (and off) capabilities, and a more durable design. Futhermore, LED Projectors are environmentally friendly with a mercury free light-source.
WXGA native resolution image source through Digital Light Process (DLP) technology. 1280x800 actual pixels - no upscaling, no gimmicks.
At just 5 in. x 4.8 in. x 1.7 in., the P6 is a true Mobile Projector.
The P6 features a premium 2-watt speaker.
The P6 featured an 80 minute lithium-ion battery onboard, for anytime, anywhere entertainment.
The P6 is great for office presentations with it's quick on-off capabilities and ability to project a clear picture.
The P6 has an Oboard Media Player capable of playing high-resolution videos, pictures, and music. With its 80 minutes battery and powerful 2-watt speaker, the P6 delivers digital presentations in a single package - No cords, cables, or additional devices.
With multiple input options, the P6 can be connected to other peripherals with ease. The inputs available include a USB port, micro TF Card port, VGA port, Digital AV Port (HDMI Compatible), a Composite A/V port (3.5 mm jack), as well as a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.
The P6 is also capable of projecting up to a 140 inch screen in low-light conditions.


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