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BAZZ 300-331 5 inch White Recessed LED Lighting Kit with PAR30 Bulb included 4 Pack

Item: 84-300-331


The BAZZ 5 -in. insulated recessed lighting fixture utilizes the latest energy-efficient PAR30 LED bulbs (included) to light up any living space. Whether it is for your kitchen, dining room or living room, BAZZ recessed lighting is the ultimate tool to illuminate your house. It can provide general lighting in some areas of your home and can also be used as accent lighting to showcase a work of art, a workstation or even a wall. Suitable for retro-fit or new construction, these LED recessed fixtures are dimmable and each has the same light output as a 75W halogen bulb . With over 30,000 hours of bulb life, have the peace of mind of never having to replace your bulbs. The BAZZ recessed lighting fixtures are convenient and easy to install. The white trim will blend beautifully with clean, contemporary, traditional and minimalist interiors thus creating the perfect ambiance personalized to your home's needs. BAZZ's recessed fixtures allow for the most innovative and efficient way to decorate and brighten your home.

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