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Chantal Lacroix - 2024 Agenda It's My Year With Practical Pouch, Purple (In French)

Item: 150-AGD093


Discover the 2024 Agenda by Chantal Lacroix, much more than a simple agenda. With its practical pocket to store your important documents, this diary is designed to help you take care of yourself all year round.

The planner features the inspirational quote: "This is my year! I'm taking care of myself, one day at a time." Every day, you have space to write down your appointments, express your gratitude, define your priorities and write down your monthly goals in dedicated sections.

What sets this planner apart are the 12 challenges it offers, one for each month. These challenges are designed to improve your well-being, allowing you to build good habits throughout the year. By the end of the year, you will have transformed your life by investing just 20 minutes a day in these wellness routines.

Opt for the 2024 Agenda by Chantal Lacroix to organize your year in a meaningful way, promote gratitude and improve your daily well-being.

  • Practical pocket for storing your bills and papers to keep on hand.
  • Every day, you can write down your appointments, as well as your gratitudes, your priorities for the day and your monthly goals in sections reserved for this purpose.
  • Offers 12 challenges that will significantly contribute to your well-being. You will only need 20 minutes each day to complete this routine.
*The calendar begins with the month of January. A full week on two pages. One challenge per month with control grid. A dedicated page for ideas and projects per month.

*The agenda is in French

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