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Chantal Lacroix - “Crépitements de bonheur” Fireplace Candle, 50-hour duration, Jasmine Flower fragrance

Item: 150-BFF468


Immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere with the “Crépitements de Bonheur” fireplace candle by Chantal Lacroix. This oval candle offers soothing comfort with its crackles reminiscent of a fireplace. Wax in shades of gray creates refined elegance. The glass vase displays the inscription "Let's enjoy the present moment, it is precious, it belongs to us."

This candle lasts for 50 hours, emits soothing crackles and diffuses a comforting scent of jasmine flower. The long wick ensures a vibrant flame, and once the candle burns out, the vase is reusable to store small objects like keys or jewelry. Simply light one end of the wick so the flame spreads. Remember to trim the wick slightly before each use, gently breaking the burnt edges. Enjoy the comforting atmosphere safely, although the glass may become hot when lighting.

  • Duration of 50 hours
  • Crackling sound effect
  • Comforting fragrance of jasmine flower.
  • The wick is installed in length allowing a vibrant flame
  • The vase is reusable once the candle is finished. You can use it to place small objects (keys, jewelry, etc.)
  • Light one end of the wick and the fire will spread itself over the wick.
  • Trim the wick a little before each use by gently breaking the burnt edges with your fingers
  • The glass may be hot when the candle is lit.
  • You can read on the front of the candle (in French): Crépitements de bonheur (Meaning: Crackling of happiness)

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