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Chantal Lacroix - “Merci Maman” Glass and Stocking Duo, Size 7-10, Blue

Item: 150-EVB215


The “Merci Maman” Glass and Stocking Duo by Chantal Lacroix is ​​the ideal gift to express your gratitude to your mother. This duo features an elegant 540 ml (9 oz) capacity stemless wine glass with a calming blue hue. On the glass you will find the touching quote: “Merci maman d'être toujours là dans les hauts comme dans les bas ! »

But that's not all ! Inside the glass, you'll find a matching pair of blue and pink stockings with " Merci maman " ​​written on them. These high quality stockings, suitable for size 7-10, add a special touch to this unique gift.

Give this duo to your mother to show her how much she means to you, and that she is always there, whether in happy times or difficult times.


  • A great gift to give to thank your mom for everything she does and continues to do for you.
  • Stemless wine glass with a blue tint
  • Featuring this quote (In french): Merci maman d'être toujours là dans les hauts comme dans les bas !  (Meaning: Thank you mom for always being there through the highs and the lows!) 
  • And inside the glass, there is a pair of stockings, blue and pink with writing (In french): Merci Maman (Meaning: Thank you mom)
  • Wine glass 540 ml / 9 oz + Socks size 7-10

Do not put the glass in the dishwasher or microwave.

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