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Chantal Lacroix - “Moment de bonheur ” Insulated Lunch Box with Extendable Strap, Black and White

Item: 150-BLR161


Discover the super chic “Moment de Bonheur” Insulated Lunch Box by Chantal Lacroix, a practical and elegant accessory that adds a touch of happiness to your meals. This insulated and waterproof lunch box is much more than just a container.

Thanks to its handles and the extendable strap, you can carry it on the shoulder for more convenience. It has a zippered pocket on one side and another pocket on the other, providing additional storage space.

This lunch box is so cute it could pass for a small purse. When traveling, it is ideal for carrying your water bottle and snacks while remaining elegant. It also features the inspiring inscription: “Lunch time is a time of happiness”, reminding us of the importance of savoring every moment.

Opt for the “Moment de Bonheur” Insulated Lunch Box by Chantal Lacroix to combine style, practicality and happiness with every meal.


  • Insulated and waterproof lunch box
  • Inspirational quote at the bottom (In French): L'heure du lunch est un moment de bonheur (Meaning: Lunch time is a time of happiness)
  • In addition to its handles, an extendable strap allows it to be worn on your shoulder.
  • On one side there is a zipper pouch and on the other side there is a pouch.
  • It's so cute, it would even pass as a small handbag.
  • When traveling, it works wonders for bringing your water bottle and snack on the road while looking great.

*The utensils are sold separately.

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