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Chantal Lacroix - “United for life” bracelet in Red Jasper

Item: 150-BUV428


The “United for Life” Bracelet in Red Jasper by Chantal Lacroix embodies true love and freedom in a relationship. Red jasper, a stone of passion, surrounds a unique pendant in the shape of intertwined angel wings, creating a heart. Like these angels, our bond is strong, while preserving our individuality. This bracelet is the symbol of our eternal union. Red jasper brings warmth and energy, strengthening the emotional bond. Wear this declaration of love as a reminder that you are united for life, while remaining true to yourself.

  • Red jasper
  • Angel wings pendant that form a heart.
  • Inspiring message on the back of the packaging (In french): À l'image de ces anges dont les ailes sont entrecroisées, nous sommes unis pour la vie.  À travers notre relation, nous conservons chacun notre individualité: nous pouvons être ensemble tout en restant nous-même.  Je t'offre ce symbole d'amour véritable pour te rappeler que notre lien est solide et qu'il n'a pas de fin. (Meaning: Like these angels whose wings are intertwined, we are united for life. Through our relationship, we each retain our individuality: we can be together while remaining ourselves. I offer you this symbol of true love to remind you that our bond is strong and has no end.)

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