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Stereo amplifiers, 70v amplifiers, mini amplifiers for all applications!
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AMX TU-508 Stereo AM/FM Digital Tuner AM/FM Digital Tuner with Remote Control, Suitable for 19'' Rack Mount Full Remote Control Functions Digital Circuitry Clock Function Graphic Volume Indicator 60 Station Random Preset Memory Rack Mount Optional

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$198.00 $239.97

Compact 4-Channel Digital Amplifier•Peak Power 400W•Conformal Coating for Marine and Other use.•Speaker Level Input with Signal Sensing Turn on.•Bridgeable Connection.•Compact design ( W)5-11/16'' x (H)1-3/4'' x (D)3-7/8''•Compact Class-D amplifier supports louder volume for Car, Marine and Motorsports users with low-noise.•Plastic covered connector helps to keep out water and dust.•Conformal Coating provides vibration resistance and helps prevent the PCB from rusting.•Pre-amp...

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$298.00 $349.97

Kenwood's compact four-channel KAC-M5014 marine and powersports amplifier delivers an effective power of 50 watts RMS per channel, outperforming wind, water or trail noise, and adding clarity and of impact to your music. The amp has conformally coated circuit boards and protective covers for its connections, so the music doesn't stop just because the amp gets a little wet or...

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The Lepy Tripath-based mini audio amplifier is ideal for home audio applications. Its small size and clean 20 watt output makes it perfect for most any auto or home audio project or DIY application where space is limited. Power supply included   Tripath based LP2020 amplifier chip provides efficient, powerful sound Economical price—tremendous performer Compact size makes this amplifier great for...