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Speaker Selectors

Selection of speaker selectors for multi-zones installation!
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AMX AR-45 - 4 Pairs Stereo Speaker Selector Box with Impedance Protection of 8 Ohms Speaker selector for 4 pairs of speakers. Can be operated individually or combined. Separate left and right ground paths for compatibility with all amps, even bridged. Optional Internal impedance adaptor with switch to keep impedance constant at the amplifier. 70 watts rms capacity. Accepts wire up...

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The SS-S6-I is a low-profile speaker selector box that will distribute a stereo signal across multiple zones. . Listening Zones : 6 . Protection Circuit High Power Resistors: 2 x 10 ohm/15 watt per channel . Power Handling with Protection Circuit ON: 70 watts/channel OFF: 140 watts/channel . Dimensions (WxDxH): 433mm x 112mm x 49mm

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The SS-S6VC-I is a switchable dual source speaker selector with individual volume controls for 6 different zones. A/B speaker selector allows users to alternate between two different amplifiers in each zone. . Audio Power Handling: 100 Watts/Channel (peak) . Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz . Input Source: Up to 2 Amplifiers . Wiring requirement: Up to 14 gauge wire ....