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100″ 16:9 Reference PureBright 4K White Fixed-Frame Screen 2.4 Gain

Item: 13-0205


Below is a short description of the features of this Purebright 4k screen. To gain a full appreciation of the screen with a full/detailed description of the countless features of this screen,

    • engineered to give 1080P and 4K quality projection in high ambient light environments such as living rooms, conference rooms and dedicated home theater rooms where the user wants to have lights on
    • 2.4 gain smooth screen surface for a high resolution, high quality image
    • superior performance in environments where ambient light cannot be controlled which is what the Purebright 4k is made for.
    • lowest amount of crosstalk for active 3D Projectors due to perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity
    • no hot spotting, sparkling or texturing


  • perfectly smooth screen surface means that no integrity and resolution of 1080P 2D or 3D images is lost
  • whereas other screens have texturing and thus effectively down-convert your 1080P projector to a lower resolution, this screen not only maintains 1080P integrity, but is 4K ready, giving you the best performance, both today and tomorrow
  • helps to minimize viewer fatigue for active 3D projection due to the ability to minimize 3D crosstalk and increase 3D brightness
  • increased brightness allows large contrast increase in 3D for projectors which use a dynamic iris (as light output can be left in cinema/high contrast mode, whereas for lower gain screens, the iris has to be disabled/minimized to allow sufficient light output of the projector, thereby lowering contrast by 3-6x)
  • near-perfect white field uniformity with perfect color accuracy
  • entirely neutral material color means no color shifts are present, eliminating most projection recalibration
  • the combination of maximum luxury, performance and price means this screen will be unrivalled by fixed-frame screens of any other brand at even close to this price point
  • one of the only high materials which is also cleanable


Important Installation Notes

To achieve the high brightness output, Reference PureBright 4K screens are retro-reflective, which means the light is focused and reflected directly back towards the light source, rather than scattered equally in all directions. In this way, the light from the projector is concentrated and amplified within a smaller viewing cone. This means proper installation is crucial to get the best picture from the Reference PureBright 4K Screen.

  1. Place the projector as close as to the eye level of the viewing audience (table-mounting, shelf-mounting or ceiling mount with longer drop-down). EluneVision recommends the lens of the projector to be placed no more than 4.5 feet from eye level.
  2. The projector and the audience should be horizontally centered with respect to the screen, as this will give dramatically higher brightness, contrast, and ambient-light rejection properties

The Reference PureBright 4K screen (and any other high-gain or ambient light-rejecting screen) is not recommended in the following room scenarios (go with Reference Studio 4K instead):

  1. The projector is mounted at a height much different than the viewing audience’s eye level
  2. The projector is not horizontally centered with respect to the screen and/or the sitting arrangement is not tightly horizontally centered with the screen

The below diagrams show the correct and incorrect/ineffective projector placement.

Performance Second to None

The performance of the Reference PureBright 4K series is second to none when it comes to high-gain materials. The Reference PureBright 4K 240 material is equal to these material is better than other high-gain materials in terms of sharpness, resolution, smoothness, detail clarity, white field uniformity as well as having no grainyness, hot-spotting or sparkling.

Superior Value

The value of the Reference series is far superior to that of competitors. We offer the same video performance with much greater quality frames for less than a third our performance competitors prices. In terms of value and performance, the Reference line stands alone.

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