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135" 16:9 Electric Projection Screen Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K PLUS+ "Tab-Tensioned" White

Item: 13-0249


Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K PLUS

Through years of research and development, EluneVision has developed a second generation material, the EluneVision AudioWeave 4K PLUS material. The AudioWeave 4K PLUS material is 8 times smoother than the original AudioWeave 4K material, leading an even more detailed image in 4K and an overall more seamless viewing experience - something that is immediately noticable by the naked eye when using the product. Perforation hole size has been further reduced, while the perforation density was doubled as well. During the AudioWeave 4K PLUS design process, three goals were paramount: virtually eliminate light loss from the perforations, significantly increase the smoothness of the material for best pixel reproduction, and maximize audio quality.

  • Reference-class detail for today’s 1080p and 4K projectors due to the fine weave pattern, with over 4000 holes per square inch 
  • Light loss virtually eliminated due to less than 0.5% of the surface being comprised of perforations
  • No visible texturing; 4K images are indistinguisable versus the Reference Studio 4K material at viewing distances greater than 4’ 
  • Near perfect lambertian diffuser ensures 180 degree viewing angle for wide area seating
  • Perforations exceeding 4000 holes per square inch allow faithful audio reproduction with minimum attenuation
  • No complex equalization required as the mid-range and high frequency sound is preserved

Moiré Free, Texture-Free Screen Surface

At EluneVision, much effort was spent designing a woven projection material that is as smooth as possible. This means that from viewing distances of greater than 4’, the woven texture is completely invisible. The tightly woven screen and 15 degree offset means a moiré free viewing experience. Furthermore, due to the tightly packed weave, every single pixel from 4K is reproduced accurately withouth pixel degredation.

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