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JVC SM-PROJ-M-BLK - Heavy Duty Universal Projector Bracket, 30 lb Capacity, Black

Item: 46-SM-PROJ-M-BLK


True to its name, the sturdy design of the redesigned Strong SM-PROJ-M-BLK universal projector mount can easily support projectors weighing up to 30 lbs. You'll appreciate its lightweight construction the first time you hold it up a ladder. And you'll appreciate the versatility of this mount with every installation.

Adjustable Tilt: Have you ever wanted to tilt a projector to a 45 degree angle and know it could stay there? With this Strong projector mount you can definitely make it happen. The combination of deep-drive Allen head tilt screws for higher torque and its new durable steel yoke ensure a solid combination. Give it the same test we did and you'll have peace of mind knowing you can install a projector, tilt, and not be called back for service.

Low Profile The Strong SM-PROJ-M-BLK now sits 5-7/8'' from the ceiling - close but not too close. After all, good ventilation of the projectors is ideal, otherwise the heat trapped along the ceiling will cause the projector to overheat and a very upset customer. Your installations will look clean, the projector will fit snugly against the ceiling, and you'll have a customer who appreciates the clean look of the installation.

Integrated Cable Management: Proper cable management not only cleans up the equipment that runs the system, but also doesn't distract from the beauty of the projector with a mess of dangling wires. Being a low profile mount has the benefit of minimizing the distance to the projector ceiling, but there are still times when every ounce of cable management is needed. Integrated cable management with the Strong SM-PROJ-M-BLK makes every installation a good experience.

Unlimited assembly We changed the arms for several reasons. The first is that a 4mm thick steel arm exudes durability. Second, a 16.5? wingspan provides extended possibilities for projectors that make them stretch. Third, easier installation with a slot in the middle to ensure universal mounting possibilities are able to fit any projector you get your hands on.

360 Degree Swivel: Mount the ceiling plate as desired and easily swivel the projector to where you need it. The Strong SM-PROJ-M-BLK allows you to mount it on the ceiling, regardless of joist length, and displays the image on screen regardless of position. The ability to easily rotate the bracket into position makes for a truly user-friendly installation.

Extendability: If you wish to remove the projector from the ceiling with an extension cord, we have included a ceiling plate to allow connection to the pipe. For specialty applications, you'll want to check out our other ceiling mount options.

Distance from ceiling: 6-1/10''
Roller: - 15 / + 15°
Inclination: - 35 / + 35°
Swivel: - 360 / + 360°

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