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Philips - Cordless Body Shaver, Shower Safe, Rechargeable Battery, Black

Item: 65-310820


The Series 5000 is designed to deliver optimum performance without compromising on comfort. You can use the skin-friendly razor or trim your hair by clicking on the 3, 5 or 7mm combs, whether you are using it on the torso or in hard-to-reach areas like the back.

Trim or shave your entire body with confidence
This device is designed to be safe and comfortable on the armpits, torso, abdominals, back, shoulders, groin and legs. The skin protection system grabs and cuts hairs of different lengths and allows you to use just one tool for all your needs, with no sharp ends.

Rounded ends and hypoallergenic grid to protect the skin
The shaver head features patented rounded ends and a hypoallergenic foil to protect the skin while shaving. Its two-way trimmers remove long hairs, which are shaved by the foil for a very close and comfortable shave.

3 combs for a natural result (3.5 and 7 mm)
3 combs included for different hair lengths. Attach the comb to the shaving system to cut the hairs to a defined length of 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. You can use the system without the combs for a cleaner shave. For thicker hairs, pre-trimming with a comb is recommended.


Cutting system
Cutting width: 32 mm
Shaving block: Grid with two pre-cuts
Gentle on the skin:
. Skin protection system
. Comfort in sensitive areas

Create the style you like
Number of length settings: 3 set length settings

Cutting comb: 3 combs for the body (3, 5 and 7 mm)
Rear handle accessory: Yes

Battery type: Lithium-ion
Operation: 60 minutes
Charging in progress: Full charge in 1 hour

Ease of use
Dry or wet skin:
. Fully washable
. Use in the shower and easy to clean
Safe length settings: Yes
Use: Cordless use
Maintenance free: No lubrication required

Handle: Ergonomics and maneuverability

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