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Salton ID1350 Portable Induction Cooktop Black

Item: 82-0084


Induction is more efficient than any other cooking technology. With a surface that remains cool throughout the cooking process, there is no need to worry about anyone accidentally burning themselves. The 8 temperature settings and 1800 watts provide the power to melt butter, steam, sear, stir-fry and boil. Boasting a solid crystal glass top, count down timer and easy to clean touch sensitive controls, this deluxe Induction Cooktop is perfect for everyday use.

Heats more efficiently with minimal heat loss to the countertop or table

. COOL TOUCH - Even on maximum, heat is generated only when a pot or pan is on the cooktop
. PRECISE - instant temperature control
. The greenest way to cook, more efficient than any other cooking technology
. LED display with 8 temperature settings from 60ºC (140ºF) to 240ºC (465ºF)
. Melt butter & chocolate
. Steam fish & dumplings
. Sear or stir-fry meat & vegetables
. Boil water for pasta or soups
. Perfect for entertaining and everyday use. Ideal for buffets, outdoor parties, offices, student dorms, cottages & camping
. Power setting range: 300 to 1800 watts
. Timer - up to 3 hours with auto shut-off and audible signal
. Audible error signal and auto shut-off for pot detection

Faster - than gas, coil and ceramic stoves
Safer - no open flames
Cleaner - drips, spatters and spills don't bake on
Energy Efficient - no heat loss to the surrounding area
Safeguard Technology - prevents operation without cookware

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