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Chantal Lacroix - “Perseverance” Exercise and Activity Book for Parents and Children (In French)

Item: 150-LCE664


The “Perseverance” exercise book by Chantal Lacroix is ​​a valuable tool for parents and their children. It offers a caring approach to encourage perseverance in young people. This workbook offers a series of exercises and activities designed to support the child's development, stimulate their self-confidence and promote their happiness. The goal is not performance, but rather to strengthen perseverance and self-esteem. Through these exercises, children learn to know themselves better, manage their emotions and stay connected to their reality.

  • Childhood is full of challenges of all kinds and to get through it, our young people need caring support.
  • To encourage perseverance and help children feel more fulfilled, Chantal Lacroix offers exercises and activities to support it.
  • Weariness, discouragement and lack of motivation can rear their ugly heads, which is why it is essential to be at your child's side.
  • The goal of this workbook is not to aim for performance, but to stimulate perseverance. The goal is for your child to thrive with confidence and be happy.
  • The exercises aim to help him know himself better, to identify his emotions, what he likes, what he likes or dislikes. These are all ways to strengthen self-esteem and stay in touch with what children are going through.

* The book is in french

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