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EluneVision - Fixed Frame Projection Screen, Ambient Light Rejection, Aurora 4K, 16:9

Item: 175-Z-92-1.3


Experience visual excellence with the EluneVision Aurora 4K projection screen. Its ambient light rejection technology delivers vibrant colors and exceptional contrast. The signature ALR material, with its multiple layers, guarantees incomparable image quality. Built-in nanotechnology ensures optimal sharpness by reflecting excess light. Aerospace aluminum alloy frame ensures durability and flatness. With frames wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet, the display delivers studio-quality performance. Make an impression with your content with this screen designed to captivate.


  • Multiple layers of light rejection technology in a single display: We designed our signature ALR material with multiple layers, giving you the best optical light rejection capabilities on the market. Reinforced support that prevents light from escaping the screen; Thanks to the high reflectivity screen substrate, reflective nanoparticle processing and smooth optical layer, all components of your screen ensure that excess light is reflected while your content is enhanced and brightened.
  • Nanotechnology designed to enhance your content: Scattered light is why your projections may not be as sharp as you would like. This is why we designed a screen material that incorporates reflective nanoparticles. These tiny particles reflect excess light, ensuring that the only light you see is that coming from your projector.
  • Light-rejecting technology designed to make your content shine: In the past, even the smallest light meant a washed-out display. No more. Our signature Ambient Light Rejection display ensures enhanced color saturation, even in brightly lit rooms. After years of research, we developed a display that rejects off-axis light sources and amplifies contrast and color intensity. This means you'll enjoy more vivid images and vibrant colors.
  • Adaptive Dual Tension System for a Perfectly Flat Screen: True high definition cannot be achieved if your screen is wrinkled or crumpled. We have developed a tension system that takes care of it and guarantees a perfectly flat surface to increase the performance of your projector. The two-stage tension system is multi-directional: a frame tension system that anchors the screen at multiple points to the frame with equalizing rods around the perimeter of the screen to evenly distribute tension.
  • Reference-quality frame for better studio-quality performance: The wide frames wrapped in high-density black velvet have been specially designed to absorb any excess light, wherever it comes from. By making this stray light invisible, contrast and brightness are visibly increased, making your content look crisp and clean. With the Fixed Frame Series, any overscan from your projector will be immediately absorbed by our studio-quality black frames.
  • Built to Last with Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy: Aerospace-grade aluminum is built to handle just about anything, and more than will ever be seen in your home. All Elunevision screen frames are constructed with aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Our high-tech manufacturing eliminates all weak points and avoids deformation under stress, thus guaranteeing the longevity of your screen.
  • The Perfect Canvas for Your Content: Make an impression on your guests with the ultimate projection screen that perfectly showcases audio and video. Whether you're streaming the latest blockbuster or a cinema classic, project your films in the best way possible. Impress your guests and captivate your audience.

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