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EluneVision - Fixed Frame Projection Screen, AudioWeave, Reference Studio 4K, 2.35:1

Item: 175-F3AW-110-1.15-2.35


Discover the EluneVision AudioWeave 4K fixed frame projection screen for an unparalleled cinematic experience. Thanks to its AudioWeave technology, benefit from superior audio transparency and breathtaking image clarity. Eliminate moiré and enjoy an immersive experience with this studio-quality frame and durable aerospace aluminum alloy. Bring your favorite movies to life with this display designed for optimal performance.


  • Choose AudioWeave for Superior Audio Transparency: The reason competing acoustically transparent displays don't perform as well as Elunevision AudioWeave is that the perforations are far too large and too few in number. With over 2,000 holes/inch2, AudioWeave has over 3x more holes per square inch than common mid-range weaving materials and over 33% more holes per square inch than our closest competitor in terms of performance. This graph shows that the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K closely follows the frequency response of the original speaker, with an average attenuation of less than 0.35 dB – an industry record.
  • Stunning audio performance with exceptional image clarity: Our specially designed woven screen material helps project content with near-perfect pixel precision. This means you'll enjoy bright, clear images, with better contrast and more vibrant colors, without losing sound quality. Microscopic holes in the AudioWeave screen material allow for less than 2% light loss, offset by the use of higher gain material.
  • Material Orientation Eliminates The Moiré Effect: When it comes to woven screen materials, moiré is a common problem that can ruin image quality. These strange patterns are caused by the texture of the screen material aligning with the projector's grid pattern. To solve this problem, our proprietary AudioWeave material eliminates moiré by rotating the material's weave out of alignment with the pixels. Combined with a pattern finer than the projected pixels, it completely eliminates the moire effect.
  • Acoustically transparent for a truly immersive experience: After years of research, we designed a material that allows for complete transparency of all audio frequencies passing through it, exactly as they come out of the speakers. Your screen will not distort sound quality while providing reference image projection. Full audio transparency means you can hide the speakers behind the screen and without any compromise on quality.
  • Adaptive Dual Tension System for a Perfectly Flat Screen: True high definition cannot be achieved if your screen is wrinkled or crumpled. We have developed a tension system that takes care of it and guarantees a perfectly flat surface to increase the performance of your projector. The two-stage tension system is multi-directional: a frame tension system that anchors the screen at multiple points to the frame with equalizing rods around the perimeter of the screen to evenly distribute tension.
  • Reference-quality frame for better studio-quality performance: The wide frames wrapped in high-density black velvet have been specially designed to absorb any excess light, wherever it comes from. By making this stray light invisible, contrast and brightness are visibly increased, making your content look crisp and clean. With the Fixed Frame Series, any overscan from your projector will be immediately absorbed by our studio-quality black frames.
  • Built to Last with Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy: Aerospace-grade aluminum is built to handle just about anything, and more than will ever be seen in your home. All Elunevision screen frames are constructed with aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Our high-tech manufacturing eliminates all weak points and prevents warping under stress, ensuring you can enjoy your display for years to come.
  • Live a million lives, from the comfort of your home: A million different lives are available to you. Movies, documentaries, and films from all times and places are at your fingertips when you view them in true high-definition audio and video. Get the most out of your movies with Elunevision screens. Designed to bring your favorite films to life.


Cinema Scope Format (2.35:1)

Screen size (diag.)

viewable height

viewable width frame height frame width frame size
110" 43" 101" 51" 109" 4"
120" 46.75" 110.25" 54.75" 118.25" 4"
130" 50.75" 119.5" 58.75" 127.5" 4"
140" 54.75" 128.75" 62.75" 136.75" 4"
150" 58.5" 138" 66.5" 146" 4"

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