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EluneVision - Grey Fixed Frame Projection Screen, Elara, 16:9 High Definition Format

Item: 175-F-92-1.1


Discover the EluneVision Elara HD 16:9 projection screen, designed for exceptional image quality. The high-density aluminum frames covered in velvet perfectly absorb stray light, while the adaptive dual tension system ensures a perfectly flat surface. With strong one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum frames and triple-layer fiberglass-reinforced screen material, this canvas provides superior durability and strength. Easy step-by-step installation lets you quickly enjoy your home theater.


  • High-density aluminum frames covered in ultra black velvet: The rich and elegant velvet-covered aluminum frames mean that any overscan from your projector is perfectly absorbed and not reflected. Our screens create a surrounding black frame that gives more punch to the projected image. Tight manufacturing tolerances also mean the screen corners fit together perfectly without seams.
  • Solid 3-inch one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum frames: EluneVision's Elara/Elara II series displays use only the finest aerospace-grade aluminum frames that will not warp under any conditions. The frames are cast in one piece and therefore have no weak points where they could break or warp under stress. The 45 degree edges of the frames are cut using a high precision industrial CNC laser cutter, ensuring only the highest precision cuts. This means the corners align perfectly, creating a seamless frame with no visible seams at the corners.
  • Adaptive Dual Tension System for a Perfectly Flat Screen: True picture perfection cannot be achieved if your screen is wrinkled or creased. We have developed a tension system that takes care of it and guarantees a perfectly flat surface to increase the performance of your projector. Our signature dual adaptive tension system is multi-directional: a frame tension system that anchors the screen at multiple points to the frame, and equalizing rods around the perimeter of the screen to evenly distribute tension.
  • Triple-layer fiberglass-reinforced screen material: The Elara/Elara II series uses an extremely durable and durable triple-layer material. The first layer is the optical viewing surface, available in one of our five materials. The second layer is a thick layer of fiberglass which gives the material strength and durability. The final layer is a completely black material, opaque to all visible light.
  • Easy Step-by-Step Installation: EluneVision Elara/Elara II series displays come with precise and clear step-by-step illustrated instructions. Typically all you need is floor space and 45 minutes to assemble our displays. We try to make the assembly of our products as simple and hassle-free as possible. The Elara series includes wall mounts that allow you to install the screen easily and securely by hanging it like a large picture frame. Wall mounts are held out of sight behind the display and the display is held less than an inch from the wall.


High Definition Format – 16:9

Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Overall Width Overall Height Bezel Size
92" 80" 45" 86 ½" 51 ½" 3 ¼"
106" 92 ½" 51 ¾" 98 ¾" 58 ¼" 3 ¼"
120" 104 ½" 58 ¾" 111" 65 ¼" 3 ¼"
128" 111 ½" 62 ¾" 118" 69 ¼" 3 ¼"
135" 117 ½" 66" 124" 72 ½" 3 ¼"
180" 156 ¾" 88" 163 ¼" 94 ½" 3 ¼"

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