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EluneVision - NanoEdge Projection Screen, Reference Studio 4K, 2.35:1

Item: 175-ZAWL-120-1.15-2.35


Immerse yourself in the ultimate cinematic experience with the EluneVision NanoEdge 4K display. Reference Studio 4K material delivers vivid colors, neutral white balance, and even light diffusion for a perfect picture from every angle. With a virtually invisible micro-textured surface, resolution and sharpness remain exceptional, even with the latest 4K projectors. Integrated LED backlighting complements your decor, increasing perceived contrast. The Dual Frame structure, adaptive dual tension system and aluminum alloy ensure exceptional durability and performance. Give every spectator the best seat in the house.


  • Reference Studio 4K brings your movies to life: The most vibrant colors you've ever seen on a screen. That's what you get when you include Reference Studio 4K in your theater. Boasting excellent performance in all aspects, the benchmark aims to be the measuring bar for all screen materials for years to come. With invisible micro-texture and a wide viewing angle, Reference Studio 4K is a display that puts all contenders to shame.
  • Neutral white balance. Perfect Color Every Time: Imagine a perfect canvas on which you can paint your every dream. This is what our Reference Studio 4K 1.0 white gain material looks like. With this perfect base, your colors appear brighter and more vivid than with traditional screens. Neutral color balance means that there is no color shift, that is, the color you see on the screen will be identical to the source.
  • Even light diffusion for a perfect picture from any angle: We believe the best screen should be invisible. That's why we designed our screen material to act as a near-perfect Lambertian diffuser. This means your screen will reflect light evenly, making it virtually invisible to the audience. By evenly reflecting light with vibrant luminance from all angles, Reference Studio 4K ensures perfect reproduction without flicker, grain or color distortion.
  • Micro-textured screen surface. Designed to be invisible: When projecting images and videos, every little bump and detail on the screen will show through, effectively reducing the resolution and sharpness of the image. We spent years of research developing a lens material with an ultra-smooth, virtually invisible microtexture. The texture of the Reference Studio material is so fine that the image remains sharp with near-perfect pixel precision, even with the latest 4K projectors.
  • Built-in LED backlighting to complement your decor: Setting the mood has never been easier. NanoEdge fixed frame displays feature built-in LED backlighting, making it easy to blend with your decor and make your content stand out even more. High-density LEDs allow for a larger, softer light aura than most of our competitors, even in corners! Soft lighting will increase the perceived contrast of your content, providing a better viewing experience.
  • Dual Frame Structure – No Compromise on Form or Function: A quality frame can take your content to the next level, which is why we designed our frames as a key part of our premium displays. Our signature Dual Frame structure includes two different frames: one frame holds the screen, applying even tension and ensuring a perfectly flat surface. The other incorporates LED lighting and a high-density black velvet NanoEdge bezel.
  • Adaptive dual tension system for a perfectly flat screen: Picture perfection cannot be achieved if your screen is wrinkled or crumpled. We have developed a tension system that takes care of it and guarantees a flat surface to increase the performance of your projector. Our signature adaptive dual tension system is multi-directional: a frame tension system that anchors the screen at multiple points to the frame, and equalizing rods to evenly distribute tension.
  • Now every seat is the best in the house: The sky's the limit with a display designed to engage your audience and make everyone feel like they're in the front row. Let your movies take center stage and enjoy a lifetime of entertainment. Delight your viewers and display your content in its best light, all in true high definition.


Cinema Scope Format (2.35:1)

Screen Size (diag.) Viewable Width Viewable Height Overall Width Overall Height Bezel Size
120" 110 1/4" 47" 111 1/4" 48" 3/8"
133" 122 1/4" 52" 123 1/4" 53" 3/8"
150" 138" 59" 139" 60" 3/8"
165" 152" 65" 153" 66" 3/8"

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