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MightyMount - Phone Holder for Car Dashboard or Windshield, Black

Item: 78-141267


Meet the MightyMount, the essential phone mount for your car. Its single-button handle allows easy width adjustment for hassle-free phone insertion. Its adjustable arm offers perfect angles, avoiding twisting your neck. Universally compatible, it fits large smartphones with its adjustable cradle. Its durable suction base ensures stability even on rough roads. Enjoy a perfect view thanks to its wide range of tilt and rotation. Drive safely with hands-free connectivity for a worry-free experience.

  • Single-button grip allows you to adjust the width of the grip with the press of a button, so your phone can slide in smoothly, hassle-free.
  • The adjustable arm provides normal and low angles to suit your dashboard or windshield preferences, giving you immediate convenience instead of straining your neck.
  • Universally compatible with 2.1-3.9 inch adjustable cradle for larger smartphones or cases.
  • The super-strong suction base with gel pad helps your mount stay in place, even when hit hard on the road.
  • The wide range of tilt and rotation allows you to always have a perfect view of your screen, whether you are lying in cruise control or in a front and center position.
  • Talk and drive safely with hands-free connectivity that provides ultimate safety for you and your passengers while you enjoy the journey.

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