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Monster - M Series M 2000 High Speed HDMI Cable, 25GBPS, 16 Feet Length

Item: 78-132716


Meet the Monster M Series M 2000 HDMI Cable, delivering exceptional performance with 24k gold-plated connectors for an interference-free connection. With a speed of 25GBPS, 40% faster than average, enjoy ultra-fast video streams, games and broadcasts. The V-Grip connector improves signal strength, and the triple-layer coating with Duraflex Ultra-Mesh nylon ensures optimal durability. Meeting the strictest quality and safety standards, Monster ensures a high-quality audiovisual experience.

  • 24K Gold-Plated Connectors: Our cables feature gold-plated tips, which ensure that devices will connect easily without any major signal interference or issues that may occur with other cables.
  • Gigabytes per second faster than most cables: At 25 gigabytes per second, you'll have speeds 40% faster than average HDMI cables, as most will only support 18 gigabytes per second, allowing for better connections while streaming your favorite movies. Most Interactive TV Shows or Video Games
  • V-Grip Connector Improves Your Signal Strength: The V-Grip connector can adapt to the specific configuration of your device, while increasing the signal strength of your various connections.
  • Triple Layer Cable Protection and Coating: With Duraflex Ultra-Mesh branded nylon, there are 3 levels of protection for all your cables, preventing usual wear and tear, this also allows for better flexibility as it can bend as needed of your space and your devices
  • Meets all the highest quality and safety standards: Monster thoroughly examines all of its cables and electronic devices to ensure they meet the highest quality standards before leaving our warehouse.

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