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Saga Pro 8” Ceiling Speaker with 25/75V Transformer Square White

Item: SAG6018


Saga™ 8” Ceiling Speaker with 25/75V Transformer

This speaker is a squared ceiling speaker. It is a 70V speaker that is perfect for commercial installs. If you need the capabilities of this speaker but your client prefers a round grill, take a look at the SAG6017. It offers the same speaker but with a different grill shape.

White Grill

The beautiful white painted grill will blend in with most ceiling tiles.


25V and 70V ϟ

This speaker’s transformer is designed for long and short runs. Whether you’re using a 25V amplifier or a 70V amplifier, this driver can accommodate because it has both inputs.


Individual Wattage Control

By simply selecting certain wires to hook up, you can control the wattage each speaker puts out. The 70V input and the 25V input is equipped with six different wires; one black wire for your common wire and five different wires with different wattages. This allows you to tailor each speaker to achieve the perfect amount of power.


8” Woofer

This speaker is typically used for low volume purposes including background music and announcements. That doesn’t mean it can’t get loud! With the large 8” woofer with 10 watts RMS, this speaker pumps out clean, powerful sound.

Dealer Protected

We protect our dealers by restricting the resale of all Saga™ products over the internet. By doing so, we're not only able to ensure that Saga products are installed correctly, but we can also make certain that they are working at peak performance once it reaches the end user.


*Tech Tip

The chart will inform you which wires to hook up. There is no designated side for 25V and 70V, as they share the transformer. Whether the speaker uses 25V or 70V will be determined by the output power settings of your connected amplifier.

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